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EDF Norte Fluminense is one of the main assets in Brazil of the French group Electricité de France – EDF, one of the largest producers of electricity in the world, operating in five continents and the fastest-growing in the low carbon emissions industry.

With efficient management, modern governance and consolidated structure of its thermal power station in Macaé, the company has taken on an important role in the face of EDF Group’s goals and intentions in the country.

EDF in Brazil

EDF has been present in Brazil since 1996, accumulating experiences in several segments of the electric power industry, such as generation, distribution and road and urban lighting.

The power plant, known as Usina Termelétrica Norte Fluminense, in Macaé (RJ), is considered to be the most efficient thermal power station in operation in the country and in the EDF Group’s portfolio. Its operation guarantees the balance in the supply of electrical energy for the state of Rio de Janeiro. Operating since 2004, the thermal station is a technological showcase of the EDF Group in terms of performance, availability and safety.

In addition to the Norte Fluminense Thermal Power Plant in Macaé (RJ), the EDF Group has other businesses in the country, such as: shareholding in the SINOP Hydroelectric Power Plant, under construction in Mato Grosso, Citelum, in Brazil since 1999 is a reference in management of road and urban lighting, and operates in more than 6 Brazilian states, supplying more than 8 million people, and EDF Renewables, a leading producer of renewable energy in the world, in Brazil since 2015, with wind and solar projects in the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia.

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With a consolidated and efficient structure, EDF NF has been meeting the demands and supporting other entities of the Group in Brazil in recent years. This position made it possible for a central platform of the Group’s activities in the country to be created at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, allowing greater dynamics and communication among its various companies, teams and departments, consolidating skills and driving the development of synergies among all employees.

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EDF Group

Present in all continents, the EDF Group is the largest electricity company in the world, with 155 thousand employees, leading producer of energy with low emission of greenhouse gases, and operates throughout the entire chain of energy services, such as generation, transmission, distribution, utilities, business and commercialization of electrical energy.

Knowledge, capacity for innovation and the commitment of its teams are the foundation of the Group’s performance, offering competitive solutions that combine economic development and climate preservation.

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