Culture and Society

EDF Norte Fluminense, even prior to producing electricity, has always been committed to supporting cultural, environmental, social and sports initiatives, promoting dialogue with the communities present in the areas of influence of its undertakings.

Different initiatives of the most varied types have already been supported by EDF NF, always trying to reach audiences of all social backgrounds and conditions; every year a series of projects are carried out, always seeking to offer to communities something more than the energy that the company produces.

EDF Norte Fluminense’s Sponsorship Policy comprises integration and communication actions with society and partners, aiming to consolidate the reputation of EDF Norte Fluminense and the EDF Group, associating it with the company’s organizational values ​​and mission.

EDF Norte Fluminense invests in projects by adding its own resources and those derived from tax break (Rouanet Law/Sports Incentive Law). The list of actions includes environmental preservation projects, editorial publications, theatrical productions, films and exhibitions, book fairs, as well as support to environmental projects, social programs and sports activities, always seeking to reach audiences of all backgrounds and classes.


In order to submit your project for analysis by the EDF Norte Fluminense Sponsorship Committee, first provide the following documents:

Sponsorship Application Letter – Document on letterhead where the applicant formalizes the application for sponsorship of the project in question to EDF Norte Fluminense.

Sponsorship Proposal – This document should include the following information regarding the project:

  1. Summary of project description
  2. Overall objectives
  3. Audience involved
  4. Benefits for the investor
  5. Corresponding entries for the sponsoring company
  6. Investment amounts

For questions and further information, please contact us by e-mail: